Thursday, August 18, 2005

En-dangering the Troops.

Don't tell me that being against the war in Iraq endangers the troops. Bringing them home will not endanger them. Quite the contrary, it will take them out of danger. Being short of body armor endangers the troops. Occupying a country that does not want to be occupied, endangers the troops. Leaders who are too pig headed to admit to mistakes and accept the reality of failure; and alter policy accordingly, endangers the troops. Engangering the whole country....

I just wish Bush & Co would rethink their position and devise a plan to rectify the situation. Take your lumps and do it for America. At this point, I am prepared to pardon these fuckers if they cop to their shit and do the right thing. I sure as hell don't know what the answer to Iraq is, but we have some smart people in this country, it is likely that we could figure out a graceful resolution. Or at the least, cut our losses so it doesn't hurt us or those poor fucking Iraqis to badly. I HATE more than anything to see Al Quieda and the dumbfuck Iraqi fundamentalist win anything. We sure as hell played into their hands when we invaded iraq, didn't we?

That's all.


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