Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gaza Withdrawal

"At least 41 police and soldiers and 17 civilians were injured during Thursday's raids on six settlements, including Neve Dekalim and Kfar Darom, police said. In Kfar Darom, about 50 people were arrested.

"What we saw here crossed all boundaries," said Maj. Gen. Dan Harel. "Everybody who was now on the roof will be arrested and put in prison." He said several troops were wounded by acid.

The some 14,000 police and soldiers taking part in the evacuation were trained to withstand abuse and be considerate of the settler's rage and sorrow at being ripped from their homes."

Yahoo News

Wacky extremists: 41
Police/Military: 17

The Israelis should treat the palestinians with this amount of restraint. America should treat their protesters with this amount of restraint.


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