Friday, August 19, 2005


"A private foundation has raised $14 million to buy most of the greenhouses in Jewish settlements in Gaza, a representative of former Israeli Knesset member Yossi Beilin said Friday."

This is great. To see these two groups of people have a constructive relationship, rather than a destructive one... Israel needs the Gaza economy solid, it's the only way to relieve the threat from that border. And there are business' the Palestinians could take over right away, the very successful grow operations; instant jobs, instant commerce, instant hope. I would hope that the goal of Gaza is for it to be a success. Build the economy, let the Palestinians have jobs and freedom, give them hope for the future, and you will sure as hell cool the terrorist breeding program. If Gaza works, it make the settling of the West Bank question, and Jerusalem, all the easier.

Easy may be the wrong word but when you've put in a hard days work, we all want to lie on the couch and watch some TV. Give everyone the means to afford to buy a TV is my motto. We'd have a lot more peace in the world. Who wants to be sitting in a cold, musty cave hating the world when you can be hanging with your friends, living a productive life and enjoy everyday comforts.


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