Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chaves, took it in style.

From CNN:
Chavez offers cheap gas to poor in U.S.
"Robertson is rather mad dog with rabies", Chavez says

Why will the US not give Hugo Chavez a chance? After years of failed right wing dictators, the man gets elected by a majority of the Venezuelan people, in free and fair elections, but we will not let him govern? Arranging coup's, funding strikes, and now threatening assination by one of Bush CO's clerics. Lame, very lame. Lame that we don't respect democracies if they don't turn out supportive of our global raids. We'd better get used to governments being elected on an anti-USA platform. We are not behaving like responsible world citizens, and many people are pissed.

Bush is running around with the "Stay the course" speech, and about "preserving freedom for our children and grand children". Sad that these sorry souls cannot see forest for the trees. New policy, PLEASE!

Read about Chavez here.


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