Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rummy, you twat.

Rumsfeld Compares Iraq Critics To Communists, Stalinists

No Rummy, fuck you...

From Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s press briefing today:

"Throughout history there have always been those who predict America’s failure just around every corner. At the height of World War II, a prominent U.S. diplomat predicted that democracy was finished in Britain, and probably in America, too.

Many Western intellectuals praised Stalin during that period. For a time, Communism was very much en vogue. It was called Euro-Communism, to try to mute or mask the totalitarian core. And thankfully the American people are better centered. They ultimately come to the right decisions on big issues.

And the future of Iraq is a very big issue. So those being tossed about by the winds of concern should recall that Americans are a tough lot and will see their commitments through."

Rummy, let me remind you what this anti-war force is fighting for/against:

"Our own President condemned innocent Americans, those Americans who had volunteered to fight for the defense of this nation, to death for no good reason, and for no reason connected to the legitimate requirements of our nation’s security."

I am not fighting every war or all wars. I am fighting against a war that was born on a lie, incompetently managed, and hopelessly planned. I am fighting against betraying the trust of those fine people who signed up for our all voluntary force, trusting that their leaders would not send them needlessly into danger. I am fighting for someone in this administration to face the adversity and difficulties and put this right.

You call me a Commie, a Stalinist. I know with confindence you are wrong. If I call you the traitor, by how much am I wrong?


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