Sunday, August 21, 2005

Go Lance!

What do you think Lance Armstrong and President Bush talked about?

I am still hoping this president makes a break through, as I wrote about here. Maybe that is why he won't meet with Cindy Shehan? The best place for Bush right now, according to his advisors, seems to be on vacation, riding his bike, hiding from adversity. I think they see George waking up. How long do you keep taking advice from people with a crappy track record? George is in this mess because those he had confidence in turned out to be failures in both policy and excecution. Maybe if he meets more people like Shehan and Armstrong, he can see the light, break the spell and force many of those around him to resign. Send Chaney to funerals in Africa, and British Royal Weddings. Turn this ship around. Bush needs a heart to heart with a regular human being, a man with humanity and honesty in his soul. For President George Bush, legacy time is here and now; maybe Lance can be the first of many to shovel that home...


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