Saturday, August 20, 2005

Guzzle Gas

Remember the good old days.

If the Iraq invasion teaches us anything, it should teach us that energy is a big deal. Indeed, if an oil crisis is on the way, and probable global instability to go with it, the race is on for the entire globe to be estimating future oil needs and planning accordingly. And it appears they have all reached the same conclusion that there will not be enough to go around. But countries with larger influence can see that if they get a disproportionate share - they figure they might be okay for a while. So these wars over energy are going to drag on and on.

It is time to use it all up. Buy a gas guzzler, and drive. Finish the supply and send combustion engines the way of the carriage. Make make our old style of travelling a hobby or a sport the same way horses now have horse racing and don't deliver us to work anymore. Better that we fight wars over soy beans or french fry oil.


Blogger Peter said...

If the United States pulls its troops out of Iraq too soon, a bloody civil war will errupt in that country. The world will once again witness yet another religiously motivated genocide.

The majority of Iraqis are working towards building a free and democratic Iraq. I've been to Baghdad. The positive changes taking place in that city are not reflected in the daily news reports. I've actually walked on street patrols with the new Iraqi Army. I've manned a checkpoint with the new Iraqi Police. These people are risking their lives for an idea planted by our own country's founders! How long did we fight the British for our freedom?

While I understand Ms. Sheehan's loss, her son volunteered to join the Army. He wasn't drafted. If she didn't want to put her son in harms way, then she should have given her son other options (i.e. like helping him pay for college). I have a son and I'm paying every cent of his college education.

And finally, yes, the war was about O-I-L. If feeds, houses, employs and moves our modern world.
OIL is the world's most important natural resource!!!

Until Americans, Europeans and Asians are willing to change their consumption driven lifestyles and cultures, the reality of having troops in the Middle East will remain a part of today's

The next time folks need to go to the supermarket...they should try walking or riding a bike! Hey, here's another idea...tell your local leaders you want your community to enact a mandatory, curbside recycling program. Instead of throwing out those empty plastic bottles of water...they could be reused over again and again.

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