Friday, August 19, 2005


Sometimes a philosophy proves itself wrong.

A lot of people are getting hurt. It's time to turn it around.

There are times when I feel badly for GW Bush, because I really don't believe he knew exactly what he was being talked into with regards to Iraq. It's the Dick behind him that called the shots, manipulated him, and talked him into this stupid policy. How can he argue with his dad's buddy, a guy who's not going to take shit from little George.

He had little George's trust anyway, but for how long? I am sure George is wondering what the fuck is going on, how his "mentors" who he trusted could get it so wrong and talk him into this mess. But Dick backed up by Rove, Rumsveld and the rest of the neo-con crew, well, it's hard to blame George for being a pussy at the time. They'd always taken care of him, and their scams always worked out just fine, until, well, now. They saved his ass from Vietnam, bailed out his failed business, gave him mega profits on a plate and then ran his ass for president.

The time has come for George to rise up and slam his fucking foot down, fire some of these idiots and take charge. They may have put him in power, but by law and constitution, he is the president, so he makes the fucking rules. Stab these guys in the heart, George, and the American people will love you. Legacy time is here and now.

We need an absolute reassesment of the entire policy. We were suckered, and so was he. But as president, Bush is in the unique position to actually DO something about it. Can't hide out in Crawford in denial, while Chaney, Rumsfeld & Co continue to rape and pillage and screw things up. Sometimes a philosophy proves itself wrong. Come on George, you could secure a legacy no one would ever forget. Do it for this great country. Do it for America. Do it because it is the right thing to do. We will forgive you.

They dress you up and put you on parade. Fuck them. Fire their crippled souls.


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Blogger Blue Moon Mama said...

Interesting site. So glad I live in blue state, even though the governor is a republican moron.

12:28 PM  

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