Sunday, August 21, 2005

Pain everywhere.

"Our own President condemned innocent Americans, those Americans who had volunteered to fight for the defense of this nation, to death for no good reason, and for no reason connected to the legitimate requirements of our nation’s security."

The Republicans:
Republicans thought that this administration would come in and govern because they had experience, family values and whatever else they said they had. They couldn't have been more wrong. What happened to small government, fiscal responsibility, privacy rights, and the host of conservative Republican positions? Now we have massive debt, dishonesty, incompetence and a war mismanaged, ill advised war. Treason could probably be thrown in there. Neocons Inc used 9/11 to ram through a policy that under normal circumstances would have been rejected. Now what is there for Republicans to do? They only thing they can do is point out the fools who were too big a bunch of pussies to question right or wrong.

The Democrats:
You would think that with the truth about the Bush Administation finally being revealed, the Democrats would be sitting pretty. Some are, but the "Official Party" folks are struggling. The standard response by Democrats back in the post 9/11 days was to vote for this war. They were so pussy whipped, and scared by the post 9/11 poll numbers, they fell for the "either with us or against us" line. Now they have to put up with the Republican response of, "Well, you voted for the war." And you know, they are right. There was a large grassroots/blogger Democratic movement who documented the lies in the run up to war, but the Democrat leadership did not have the balls to do the right thing. Now they are in a sticky situation. If they don't jump on the grassroots Democratic bandwagon, they will be left behind. They don't have much of a choice. You are either with the people, or against them.

The Mainstream Media:
The biggest losers are the main stream media, your "old school reliable" journalists. Sure they had pressure from their corporate owners, but they were the ones who just let all the bullshit in the run up to war go unquestioned. Some even had an agenda to support the Bush Admin position. This is probably why Judy Miller is still in jail. It appears that there was even a quid pro quo with many in the media and the Bush Administration. "We'll give you lots of inside information, and you support our policies" seems to have been the deal.


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