Monday, August 22, 2005


Lets face it, George W Bush has been given a free ride. Sure, we can begrudge him that fact, but if you had the opportunity to live the good life, why not? And things have been good. From serving in the "Champagne Division" during Vietnam, to making a killing on the Texas Rangers, success was easy. And a free ride into the Whitehouse. Twice.

But for Bush, times are a changing. The trusted advice of policy planners is turning out to be wrong, very wrong. The usual suspects are failing dismally. Iraq, no problem. In and out. Screw Osama, lets do PNAC instead. Do it all, with less troops. Stay the course. Screw the Iraqi's freedom; as long as we get the oil contracts, they can have whatever fundamentalist government they want. Works with the Saudi's, why not the Iraqis?

The whole bag is unraveling. Attacks and shootouts in Saudi Arabia are way up, from almost never, to daily. Iraq and Afganistan? Not good.

There were a lot of people fed inaccurate and doctored information. Bush was probably one of the many. Imagine having Cheney, Rumsveld, Card, Libby and Co advising you, "This is the info we have. Here is what we have to do. We'd be welcomed by every Iraqi, in and out, less troops, minimal commitment. And by the way, Powell doesn't know what he is talking about." If the information wasn't compelling enough, the conviction of the puppeteers would have been more than enough.

Powell needs to write a book. Now. Maybe he can get through to this president. A President who doesn't read the newspapers, or watch TV. I doubt he ever goes online. The delusions that come out of the White House are not only for us, but equally for the President himself.

Lance couldn't penetrate the bubble. Maybe Powell can. President Bush can turn this around. He is the only one who has the power to do it. The free ride is over. It is time to stand up and repay the country that he has sworn to protect. Time to create a legacy. Go down as the guy who saw the light, overcame great odds, and did the right thing in extraordinary circumstances.


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