Monday, August 29, 2005

Pro and anti - both assholes.

Ahhh, great. I was just listening to NPR, the segment was about Cindy Sheehan and the opposing protest. Both sides were very disappointing.

Cindy, in the middle of the interview, just stops things short and says "Thanks very much I have to go" and she hangs up. WTF? The questions were not difficult and not politically motivated, I do not see any reason for her handlers to cancel the call. Maybe she had to go take a crap or something, but I doubt it. The right wing calls Cindy a puppet, and as usual, the left gives them every reason to think so. I am a big supporter of the anti-war movement, and Cindy, but I must confess I was a little turned off by her rudeness. Obviously it does not alter my position on the subject, but it disappointed me greatly.

The opposition, and i can't remember the guys name, was also a moron. He rambled off some untruths (right wing talking points) and said learnt about Cindy and the left wing groups who support her, get this... in church. You can imagine that fucking church, spouting Hanitty/Rush/BushCo lies in the name of Jesus. This guy was an ignorant asshole, and if Cindy had hung in there, she would have advanced her cause. Especially given that he said he called Cindy before he put together his protest, and she hung up on him. Hmmm. True or not, she gave his story credibility by hanging up on the host a few minutes before.

God dammit, we will never pull this country out of the shit if the opposition to Bush Co are this stupid. The republicans seems to be right; Cindy is a pupppet of some machine. I hate it when they are right, why does the left persist in making it so???

Holy shit, with both sides being such a bunch of numbskulls, we're truly fucked.


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