Thursday, September 08, 2005


Yeah. I am pissed. The world is a mess. This country is run by retards. Ok, so I drank a bottle of wine, did 2 lines someone threw in front of my face, and followed it up with a spliff, so I am in the mood to be honest. So I say fuck you all. We are fucking doomed. There is no logic anymore, no right, all wrong. All bullshit. Surely we want to be happy and live good lives. Why should callous barbarians take this away? There is no morality, no kindness and no selflessness. It is all greed, theft and callousness. This is not a happy way to live, this is not a way to survive. We are fucking doomed. There is no hope in sight, no saviour. No option of a saviour. The saviour does exist. I say again, we are fucked. We are not only stupid, but evil in our stupidity. Only stupidity could be so evil. Because being smart is good. Being snart is right. But we don't have it here. We are doomed, we are fucked.

Rest in fucking peace, because I sure will.