Thursday, September 01, 2005


This man has no soul. Apparently he is looking at the devastation in New Orleans. But the way things are with this White House, it is probably bullshit. "Look out the window, pretend to look at New Orleans"

"I think the people want the president to be in a position to make good, crisp decisions and to stay healthy," Bush said during an Aug. 13 bike ride with journalists at his ranch. "And part of my being is to be outside exercising. So I'm mindful of what goes on around me. On the other hand, I'm also mindful that I've got a life to live, and will do so."

Yeah, some crisp decision making.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I am reading all over the net about how Bush has dropped the ball with the Katrina thing. So what? Did you really expect him to respond as a president should? The guy has fucked up so much of his job so far, why should he all of a sudden be on the ball now?

He fucked the economy up with his massive corporate tax breaks.
He fucked up the war on terror by invading a country that was not involved, then fucked up the prosecution of said war.
He fucked up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Or didn't read them.

So he fucked up the response to a natural disaster. Big fucking deal. If you expected anymore, you are the idiot. And to all those who voted for this guy - FUCK YOU! Stupid fucks, all of you. He fucked up the first 4 years pretty decently, but these last couple he has outdone himself. Hard to believe that this great country is run by people more stupid and more incompetent than a 3rd world country in Africa.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Nothing but bad ideas.

It’s Official Now. Bush Knows We Are Stupid.

By Vietnam Vet Who Knows Better

"We will stay in Iraq to honor those that died honorably. Huh????

Those that have died honorably in Iraq did so because of the dishonesty of Bush and his cronies. Now Bush says that in spite of his lies we will allow even more American soldiers to die honorably in order to protect his own dishonor and dishonesty.

Any of you that agree with this logic should enlist in our armed forces and relieve anyone currently serving in Iraq that does not believe Bush’s lies are worth dying for.

Come on people. We are not that stupid. It is time to bring them home and stop the lies."

Let me reiterate that I am not a "bring them home now" supporter. I realise that the war was conceived, born and delivered on nothing but lies and fabrications, but now that we are in this deep, all i am asking for is a re-think. The present administration has no answers and no credibility, the time is right for some new blood, some new ideas and a new beginning.

Iraq Rational

I thought a little summary would be nice.

The evolving rationale for the Iraq adventure
By fubar
Aug 28 2005 - 10:26am

* 9/11
* Flypaper
* Liberate oppressed Iraqis
* Democracy in the Middle East
* So the deaths will not have been in vain

Dump it all in a blender. Throw against wall to see what sticks. Or you can get the ready-mix version.

Update: A few more reasons to stay in Iraq:

* We haven't turned a profit on the investment yet.
* Evacuation costs too high. Waiting for gas prices to come down.
* To stop Iran from spreading radical Shia'a Islam.
* Waiting until it's safe.


Pro and anti - both assholes.

Ahhh, great. I was just listening to NPR, the segment was about Cindy Sheehan and the opposing protest. Both sides were very disappointing.

Cindy, in the middle of the interview, just stops things short and says "Thanks very much I have to go" and she hangs up. WTF? The questions were not difficult and not politically motivated, I do not see any reason for her handlers to cancel the call. Maybe she had to go take a crap or something, but I doubt it. The right wing calls Cindy a puppet, and as usual, the left gives them every reason to think so. I am a big supporter of the anti-war movement, and Cindy, but I must confess I was a little turned off by her rudeness. Obviously it does not alter my position on the subject, but it disappointed me greatly.

The opposition, and i can't remember the guys name, was also a moron. He rambled off some untruths (right wing talking points) and said learnt about Cindy and the left wing groups who support her, get this... in church. You can imagine that fucking church, spouting Hanitty/Rush/BushCo lies in the name of Jesus. This guy was an ignorant asshole, and if Cindy had hung in there, she would have advanced her cause. Especially given that he said he called Cindy before he put together his protest, and she hung up on him. Hmmm. True or not, she gave his story credibility by hanging up on the host a few minutes before.

God dammit, we will never pull this country out of the shit if the opposition to Bush Co are this stupid. The republicans seems to be right; Cindy is a pupppet of some machine. I hate it when they are right, why does the left persist in making it so???

Holy shit, with both sides being such a bunch of numbskulls, we're truly fucked.


Finally a plan for Iraq. No, not from this administration, they are still sruck on the "stay the course" program. From blogger Juan Cole.

Ten Things Congress Could Demand from Bush on Iraq

The Washington Post notes that the Democratic Party is deeply divided between those who want US troops out now and those who fear the consequences and think it best to stay the course. The article might as well have noted that the Republicans are also divided on Iraq policy.

So the issue isn't a partisan one. It is an American one.

Personally, I think "US out now" as a simple mantra neglects to consider the full range of possible disasters that could ensue. For one thing, there would be an Iraq civil war. Iraq wasn't having a civil war in 2002. And although you could argue that what is going on now is a subterranean, unconventional civil war, it is not characterized by set piece battles and hundreds of people killed in a single battle, as was true in Lebanon in 1975-76, e.g. People often allege that the US military isn't doing any good in Iraq and there is already a civil war. These people have never actually seen a civil war and do not appreciate the lid the US military is keeping on what could be a volcano.

I mean, we are always complaining, and rightly so, about the genocide in Darfur and the inattention to genocides in Rwanda and the Congo earlier. Can we really live with ourselves if we cast Iraqis into such a maelstrom deliberately?

Read on...

Talking Points Memo
says we should read it over and over again. I agree.

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