Monday, August 29, 2005

Nothing but bad ideas.

It’s Official Now. Bush Knows We Are Stupid.

By Vietnam Vet Who Knows Better

"We will stay in Iraq to honor those that died honorably. Huh????

Those that have died honorably in Iraq did so because of the dishonesty of Bush and his cronies. Now Bush says that in spite of his lies we will allow even more American soldiers to die honorably in order to protect his own dishonor and dishonesty.

Any of you that agree with this logic should enlist in our armed forces and relieve anyone currently serving in Iraq that does not believe Bush’s lies are worth dying for.

Come on people. We are not that stupid. It is time to bring them home and stop the lies."

Let me reiterate that I am not a "bring them home now" supporter. I realise that the war was conceived, born and delivered on nothing but lies and fabrications, but now that we are in this deep, all i am asking for is a re-think. The present administration has no answers and no credibility, the time is right for some new blood, some new ideas and a new beginning.


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